Our creed : passion and creativity

Founded in 2012 by a passionate artist, Onirium Studios finally became an official company in the end of 2015, going from a hobby and a passion to a business.

Our creed is to push back the limits of what is possible, making the impossible possible through hard, detailed and thorough work. Whether it is by carefully choosing our material, by designing original creations, all of it using only elbow grease and our own vision, Onirium Studios will deliver you a unique product.

What we offer, to both private or professional customers, are quality products. All of our work is carefully made and functional, suited to anyone’s need and taste since it is uniquely tailored and handmade.

Being ourselves experienced role-players,  LARP-ers, and just generally costumes enthusiasts, we know what it means to wear one for days. We use our experience and our expertise to counsel you and guide you towards a finished product that will fulfill your expectations, both aesthetically and functionally.

About us



I’m a self-taught artist, passionate about a lot of different fields. I began working with leather in 2012, and with latex and fabrics a few years before that. I’ve always loved drawing and creating things from scratch, every since I was a child. I therefore quite naturally oriented myself towards the creation of costumes, for myself and later as a professional.
In my life, I very scarcely found what I was looking for in terms of costumes, especially as a woman. So, given my taste for creation, I began to create all of those designs and drawings that I was never able to find.
I’m a self-taught craftswoman, in the sense that no one ever taught me how to work fabrics or leather. Everything I know is the product of research and experience.
The first armour I’ve ever made was my Dark Elf armour and costume. I made it directly and without prior trials, because that’s how I work. That’s my philosophy, always aim further, always challenge yourself, give everything and challenge yourself to make every project the best you can.
Not only do I make armours and costumes, but I also take care of hairdressing, make-up and FX, as well as a bit of photo editing after the shootings. I’ve always been a fan of fantasy, no matter the universes they describe or the media in which they appear, and I love challenges. That has been at the heart of ever project that I’ve done since 2012, whether personal of professional.

Vanessa Antunes
Creative Craftswoman

Passionate photographer since I was 7 years old, I began my first artistic training in design and drawing in 2008. One year later, I was one of the 14 lucky ones out of 146 who got into the internationally renowned school of photography in Vevey (CEPV). I learned a lot during that time, trying my hands on traditional silver paper photography and even some very expensive Hasselblad devices. Unfortunately, events forced me to drop out and find myself a new field of study, even though I’m still an avid photographer during my free time. My main working tools for this are a Nikon D3s armed with my trustworthy 24-70 and 70-200.
I am now a full time computer programmer, specialized in web development. My artistic background also allows me to work in graphic and web design.
Being an avid handyman, I sometimes help in the costume production when it comes to sewing or metal working.

Nicolas Heller
Photographer and webdesigner


We create passionately our products from A to Z, using only our wits and our hands. We begin with a rough idea, concept or even pictures or drawings given by our clients. From there, we turn this idea into a fully functional, tailored piece of equipment.

The attention to details is at the heart of our philosophy, from our choice of the basic materials (whether it is fabric or leather, we always chose the most realistic and in tune with the idea behind the product) to the most little details. Every product is handmade and is the fruit of many hours of labour.

If your product must be tainted, it will also be done by hand, using techniques suited each pieces. Most of the time, each piece of equipment will be individually painted with a precision brush, in order for the finished product to be as precise and clean as possible.

The short answer

We create armours of all styles and all eras, tailored and designed to be suited to your taste. Whether your design is personal, inspired by a movie, a video game or even from a book, our limits are yours. Let your imagination free from all constraints, or choose to trust our expertise. Either way, we’ll create something you will be proud to wear. Moreover, we also craft clothes to complement your armour or costume.

We also create accessories from leather, latex or other materials in order to make your costume as great and realistic as possible. The aforementioned accessories include, but are not limited to: sheaths, scabbards, jewellery such as tiaras, necklaces and bracelets, scrawls or book covers, purses or wallets, and even comes and other latex growths you might want to add to your costume. If you want another accessory, do not hesitate to ask us, we’ll be happy to give you more information.