How to order


The pieces that are displayed in the gallery are not for sale. A « shop » corner is/will be available for such products. Each piece is unique and fitted to a particular customer, there will therefore be no copies of already existing products. Similar or group pieces might be possible, but will need to be discussed.
Each project is thought through together between customer and maker. Since we cannot guess what you want, an idea of what you want must be had prior to any contact with the maker in order for a fruitful arrangement to take place.

Moreover, we will ask for a budget for each project. It is crucial to mind not only what you wish, but also your financial limits for your project. This will allow us to find a design suited not only to your taste, but also to your finances.

Each pricing prior to the beginning of the production will be made, estimating the price of the raw materials and the estimate time needed to finish your project.


Every command or demand must be done via our form. Basic elements for a good transaction are to be found there. Thank you for using it, it will make everything much easier for everyone.
Once we receive the filled-in form, we will contact you in order to discuss your project’s viability.


After contact, we will determine together a design that fits what you have in mind for your project, taking both your budget and time limit in consideration. Many variables must be taken into account, and they have an impact on the final price of the product

Since we have experienced many last-minute resignations after months of work on paper and drawings, we have therefore decided to change our politics as far as quotations are concerned.

Indeed, if the project is completed, the design time is included in the final price and is not a separate billing. However, if the client decides to quit and abandon the project at the last minute (after the pricing quotation either on paper or with the official PDF form), the time taken for the design phase will be billed and sent to the client.

Every price will be decided according to the numbers of drawings that had to be made. The first drawing will be free,  will follow your needs, what you want and includes one modification.


Once the project is validated (with a price quotation acting as purchase order that must be signed and sent back), an account (non-refundable) for the basic raw materials and beginning of the work will be asked of you.

There are many methods of payment that can be agreed upon (paying at once, in a few times, parts by parts, and so on), but the studio will have the final word in the matter.

Once the account is received, the project will officially begin. Warning ; your project will not be accounted for in the studio’s schedule until we receive your account, and could therefore be delayed and even cancelled there’s no room for more or if this delay does not meet with your deadline.

The purchase of the raw materials depends on the supplier’s available stock, and can therefore take time. You will of course informed of any evolution in the matter.

During the production, and if you wish so, you can receive visual updates on your project and follow its progress every step of the way.

You will receive an email with the price quotation, including the price of the account you have to pay, how to pay it and an estimation of the final price.


Once your project is over, you will be asked if you want to finalize it with a professional photo shoot. It will allow you to have a very special memory. However, there are certain conditions :

The studio will ask of you to sign an agreement about the use and the rights of the pictures. You will have to tell us precisely what we can and cannot do with the pictures that will be taken and processed. Without this paper signed, there will be no photo shoot.

Due to our location, the photoshoot can only take place around Belfort (90th French department), its surroundings or around the city of Lausanne in Switzerland. Thank you for your understanding.